1. Occasionally the interest wanes in the Collective, but after a dose of sweet treats and motivation The new Macula Collective logo was born.

  2. DSLR Pinhole experiment for my Masters.

  3. It didn’t take me long to revert back to colour. DSLR pinhole experiment.

  4. As part of a module for my Masters we had to experiment with our notion of practice, so I crafted a rudimentary DSLR pinhole.

  6. Great Opening at Dodo Photo on Saturday night In Exeter. Pop in to see the new show by Fern Leigh Albert. Open on Saturdays from 11AM - 5PM until the 15th of March.

  7. I decided to explore a few roads near my flat that I hadn’t been down before.


  8. Words

    So, for the last few years my tumblr has been a steady stream of images. I thought it was about time I included the occasional bit of text. Not lots mind, just a bit.